The Weili Zheng brand dissolves all boundaries and welcomes all forms of diversity: it revolutionizes vision of distinctions and celebrates the harmony of contaminations. The cosmopolitan essence founds the pillars of style: it arises from the founder's heritage and develops through experience of the team, which enriches the design of content with its identity melting pot geographical and creative. The inspiration for the exploration of different worlds defines the fashion proposal and draws the character of the collections. The references of culture and geography do dissolve: the suggestions are mixed in an intriguing harmony. In the background is China authentic roots: the oriental heritage weaves a subtle narrative thread made up of memories of traditional models, fabrics and images, taken from the study of authentic vintage pieces and revisited in current garments. Evocative details of the uniforms, such as the Tai Chi shirt and the suit communist work; the symbolic charm of the dragon and the colors that belonged to the greats dynasties; period fabrics and embroideries such as the noble brocades of theatrical costumes. The kimono is the signature garment: on the front it retains the refinement of the original, on the back it reveals the appeal street del bomber, as a whole it is a cultural clash and a sartorial twist. The aesthetic rules are canceled: styles are mixed and inspirations are contaminated with surprising consistency. Maximalism orients research: an eclectic triumph of details variegated assembled in mix; harmonic and unexpected matches. Imaginary in themselves distant yes they blend lightly and harmonize into a new whole: the stripes go well with i flowers, prints and patterns create a compelling kaleidoscope; fine brocades are associated to persuasive silk and technical nylon, creating curious material textures; oriental patterns they dialogue with elements in vogue in the western 70s; the colors ignite an explosion chromatic in a hymn to be dressed in bright colors. The connotation of gender, age, physicality vanishes: garments and collections have a transversal soul. The silhouette goes beyond definitions ideals of femininity or masculinity and no gender is stated: the lines are geometric shapes and accompanying shapes, the styling combines fluid fabrics with rigorously fit garments; there classic white shirt refuses a gender affiliation and wins independence. The symmetrical and oversized volumes dress any body and satisfy every taste: it is true for everything, the t-shirts with wide shoulders, the sweatshirts, jackets and coats, the trench that appears sophisticated with the dress and casual over garments with an urban mood. The convention of use disappears: the effortless versatility that emphasizes personal attitude wins. The talent of initial study is revealed in the simplicity of the final look: the garments born important for shapes, materials and inspiration, come out of the limitation of the occasion thanks to the virtue of comfort. Clothes and accessories are versatile, mixable, designed to play with styling, suitable for to be welcomed and lived in any situation: like the shirt dress, an elegant long dress that turns into a cool duster with jeans and flat shoes. It is the personal attitude that pays off the outfit that is always perfect, never worn in the same way: like the sequin trousers, which it shines on the mundane night out, but easily pairs with your breakfast sweater on the town. The creations are timeless: clothes and accessories go beyond the seasons, they are evergreen because they are designed to remain beautiful, ready to be worn again and reinterpreted. The style is distinctive and recognizable: every single garment participates in the telling of a story, every new collection is designed to continue the story.


La storia di Weili Zheng s’incastona nell’attualità cosmopolita delle contaminazioni culturali. Originaria della Cina, cresce in Italia dove fonda il brand omonimo: nel mezzo, tante esperienze e ispirazioni vissute su tre continenti. Nasce nel 1967 a Zhejiang e vive l’infanzia nella Cina comunista: dove la disciplina è rigorosa e l’estetica è omogenea, come l’uniforme tradizionale che indossa, minimale e per tutti identica. Nel frattempo gioca con la moda grazie ai capi che il nonno le spediva dall’Occidente: un primo incontro con lo stile moderno che avviene spontaneo. Un primo contatto con la multiculturalità che si rivela subito un valore fondamentale. Negli anni ’80 si stabilisce a Bologna e vive lo stupore di un mondo nuovo: s’inebria dell’esplosione di colori, sapori e profumi sconosciuti, s’arricchisce della varietà di forme e materiali inaspettati. Si meraviglia di stare immersa nel bello a portata di mano, dove l’arte è ovunque, dall’architettura alla cucina. Tra Italia ed estero sperimenta il significato di diversità, e lo trasforma in stimolo all’apertura positiva. Da bambina lo vive sulla pelle, per via dell’etnia: ma anziché negare le proprie radici, ne fa un punto di forza. Con la professione nella moda ne fa un punto d’incontro: mette in connessione la cultura occidentale e orientale, unisce il design con la gestione produttiva e imprenditoriale, lavora con gli stilisti per creare ponti tra mondi diversi. Negli anni ‘90 si trasferisce in Texas: nuovo continente da esplorare, nuove esperienze per formarsi e suggestioni da collezionare. Dell’America abbraccia la forza del sogno senza confini. Dalla cultura Texana assorbe il mix d’immaginari: come la sabbia dei panorami, i piccanti piatti Tex Mex, l’identità Chicana, il lifestyle libero dei Cowboy. Dopo 10 anni Weili Zheng rientra in Italia, ricca di un vissuto da cui ripartire con nuovi progetti, tra cui il più importante: mettersi in gioco con il suo nome e cognome, mettersi in prima linea con la sua idea di moda.